Renovation Contractors in Singapore: How to Work With Them?

Renovating your flat is such an exciting time in your life. You will finally be able to have a home that looks and feels like your own. Having it set up the way you want will add to its beauty and help make your life easier. Before you get started, though, make sure your renovation does not turn into a nightmare with these tips.

Find the Right Renovation Contractor

This is the most important step in the process. You will have many renovation contractors that will want your business. Choosing one who understands what you want can be harder than it seems. Ask to see pictures of the completed work of the renovation contractor. Singapore residents who are renovating their flats want to feel like their contractor understands what they want and listens to their ideas. This can mean that you will ask something very different of them than what they are used to.

Communicate Well and Often

Communication is the key to working well with your renovation contractor. Don’t be shy about making your needs known. Once you tell your renovation contractor what you want, you will want to make sure that the contractor understands your needs. You can do this by asking them what they envision for your project. This step will help make sure that the contractor gets your requirements right the first time.

Get it in Writing

Talking to your renovation contractor is very important. To make sure that everyone understands each other, write everything down. This includes the services your renovation contractor will provide to you, their costs, a schedule of payment and the date they will be finished. Making sure that everything is written down will help to reduce misunderstandings. Any changes to the original plan need to be written down, dated and signed by both you and the contractor.

Check the Contractor’s Work

Each day, after the contractor leaves, make an inspection. Check the progress that was made through the day. Another area to check is the serial numbers of any appliances that were delivered. Every morning, before your renovation contractor starts work, talk to them about any concerns you have and their goals for finishing a specific stage of the work.

Pay Only a Portion

One of the things that you and your renovation contractor should talk about and agree on is the payment schedule. Making a down payment of about ten percent is enough that lets the contractor purchase some supplies to get started. Agreeing on other milestones that result in a payment midway through the project keeps up the momentum. Do not make the last payment until the work is completely finished and you both are satisfied.

Be Easy to Work With

Treat your contractor pleasantly and the job will go more smoothly. Say hello each time you see them and call them by name. Telling them how much you like and appreciate their work will make your renovation contractor glad to come to your flat every day. If you feel comfortable, offering them a drink or showing them the toilet they can use can help keep the lines of communication open, too.

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