Interior Design Singapore: How to Choose your Designer?

Finding the right interior designer for your flat in Singapore is an important first step in having it decorated as a reflection of your style and taste. The following tips can help you think about different ideas so you can find the ideal Singapore interior designer.

1. Referrals From Friends

The most popular way to find an interior designer in Singapore is to get referrals from your friends. After all, their flats are ones that you see often and you are likely to love how they look. It does make sense to ask your friends for a referral for an interior designer, but before you rush to make that call, you need to think about a few things first.

Are your expectations of the job the same as your friend’s? If they aren’t, you could be very unhappy with the results. Do you have the same style and taste in interior design and furnishings as your friend? If the answer is no, that doesn’t mean that a referral from them is useless. For instance, maybe your friend’s style has a look that you would love to see in your own flat. If that’s true, getting a referral from her could be a great first step.

Another good thing to know is when your friend had their flat’s interior redesigned. If it was more than a few years ago, you will be able to better judge the overall quality of the company’s work. You will be able to learn about the level of after-service care the company provided.

2. Must Be Licensed by HDB

If your flat is an HDB property, their rules must be followed. This includes using only approved HDB companies when it comes to interior design. In order to keep quality high, the HDB maintains a listing of all approved contractors. When you research the database, beware of those companies who have not been in business for very long. This can mean that they have received demerit points in the past and the company has recently registered again under a different name.

3. Communication

Make sure your designer is a good listener who cares enough to work with you to make your dreams come true. By working together as a team and expanding on your ideas, the two of you can combine your ideas with proven interior design techniques so that you get the results you want. Even though the designer is the expert when it comes to designing interior spaces that work well, you are the expert when it comes to knowing what will make you happy. Your interior designer needs to be someone who is open minded enough to listen to your ideas and find ways to make them a reality.

4. Documentation

Before the interior designer begins any work, there should be clear documentation detailing exactly which services are included. Each item should be clearly marked with their cost, too. This detailed itemization can help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts at a later date.

Use the above tips to help you find the best interior designer in Singapore. They will help make your flat a happy and relaxing place for you to have visitors and relax.

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